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February 24, 2020
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What Are the Different Types of Industrial Coatings and Which is Right for My Business?

Jan 3, 2020

If you run an industrial company, the chances are that there are special protective coatings that will protect many of your business assets. Things like commercial vehicles, heavy earth moving machinery and machinery can all be treated with protective coatings that prolong their life.

Here is a list of the commonly used protective coatings across a wide range of industries:

  1. Zinc Coatings – Essential corrosion protection for galvanised steel, zinc coatings are widely used to protect the external surfaces of warehouses and factories. While there are several methods of application, companies that apply protective coating in Perth would usually employ a spray, which covers the entire surface. The surfaces to be protected would first have to be cleaned with a high-pressure jet wash, then the protective coating can be applied. Zinc coatings are often applied to a factory or warehouse when the construction is finished
  1. Epoxy Primers – These are applied after the final coat of paint to fully protect the surfaces from corrosion and general wear and tear. Once the surfaces have been coated, regular cleaning is much easier, as the dirt and grime cannot gain a good adhesion to the painted surface. These can be either clear or coloured depending on your needs and have a shiny or matte finish.
  1. Polyurethanes – Polyurethane coatings are polymer-based applications that are widely used to protect painted and unpainted surfaces. One of the main benefits of polyurethane coating is the very quick curing time, as the substance cures on contact with the atmosphere, and it comes in clear or opaque, whichever you prefer.
  2. Micaceous Iron Oxide – MIO, as it known, possesses amazing anti-corrosive properties and it can be mixed with paint and when applied, there is a high level of protection. There is a wide range of colours to choose from and this coating is ideal for protecting steel warehouses and factories, which is one of the reasons why MIO treatment is so popular with Australian businesses.
  3. Siloxane Coatings – Siloxane protects against corrosion, oxidisation and UV degradation, making it an ideal choice for industrial buildings, and if you would like a quote to coat your commercial premises in a siloxane protective layer, speak to an industrial coating specialist.
  4. Non-Slip Coatings – Ideal for factory and warehouse flooring, non-slip coatings reduce the risk of accidents, especially in wet areas.

Choosing the Right Protective Application

Once you make contact with the right company, they would be happy to send a representative to your business premises, where they can listen to your requirements and inspect the surfaces that you are looking to protect. Only then are they able to recommend the best solution, and when you consider the extended life, the reasonable cost is a good long-term investment that will pay dividends over the years.

Heavy Machinery

Commercial vehicles and heavy machinery can be coated with a protective substance that will protect against all forms of corrosion, thus prolonging the life of the equipment. Whether painted or bare metal, an anti-corrosive coating would certainly pay for itself in the long-term, so talk to an established industrial coatings expert and see what they can do for you.

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