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December 16, 2019
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Print management can frequently be a pain for network operations managers and network managers, particularly if the enterprise or organization depends on their operating system’s native print spoolers. But beyond mere annoyance, inadequate print management can certainly be a security risk for the organization’s sensitive data and materials.

Print Management Vulnerabilities

Many network operations managers and managers would prefer to work on items like maintaining network integrity and security, instead of troubleshooting enterprise print problems. However, some network managers and admins might not understand that resolving poor print spool management may also greatly increase network security.

An important concern in publications management and network security–thinking about today’s highly mobile work environments, which more and more implement WAN’s to support mobile users–may be the print data that’s “uncovered” while sent in the finish user’s machine towards the printer within the WAN. Native OS print spoolers work very well within the convenience of which they are designed. However, they are only made to accommodate a really narrow selection of tasks, and comprising WAN security is usually undertake and don’t.

The good thing is that any top quality third-party print management solution will give you elevated WAN to safeguard print jobs. Plus Tech’s OM Plus print keeper, for instance, encrypts print jobs between OM Plus servers. Jetski from the interception and compromise of sensitive documents by rogue employees or by neighboring or crawling computers with accessibility WAN.

Print Management Prevents Accidental Security Compromises

This ability of print management methods to control and manage user print rights and printer performance may also prevent accidental compromises in document security. Utilizing a native print spooler, a person may send print jobs towards the wrong printer, meaning non-primary parties or departments could receive highly sensitive print jobs within their print tray accidentally. For instance, an HR documents that contains social security figures, salary information, or suggested alterations in workforce personnel could print around the production floor instead of around the HR department’s internal printers.

Unauthorized parties could then either wean information in the documents they should not be seeing, or perhaps in a far more benign scenario, they might simply dump it incorrectly or with no security/destruction measures appropriate towards the document.

Printer Problems and Solutions: Studying Between your Lines

While these complaints are relatively minor when compared with more foreboding network security threats, you have to think about these problems relatively. That’s, time that network managers, managers and help-desk staff spend focusing on or troubleshooting problems associated with print management ‘s time spent no longer working on other network vulnerabilities. The Worldwide Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that 40% of help-desk calls are based on printing problems. When such a lot of sources are allocated to an issue with this kind of easy solution, it might be more and more hard for management to warrant not applying another-party print management solution, particularly because of the security concerns this type of solution addresses.

When it is about having a secure print environment for your organization, you can trust the print management solutions by Fuji Xerox. The system provides benefits like controlled use of resources, convenient printing solutions and management of printing costs.

Arlen Lee

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