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October 16, 2019
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We continue the story about the most interesting and unique options of the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Today we will review the bonus program of the company, and at the same time consider several other options.

We all perfectly understand that the key component of any brokerage company is the generated bonus system. Tell me, is it possible in our time to present a brokerage company without bonuses. The size of the received bonuses, like, as it is not important. The important thing is that there are bonuses, and everyone can get them. But it’s one thing when a broker establishes a single bonus for everyone. In fact, if the bonus is common to all, it would be naive to believe that its size has some significance. And another thing, when the brokerage company has developed a whole system of bonuses, for each trader separately, and for the actions he performs. The company Larson&Holz has developed such a system of bonuses. Let’s ponder, and for what actually the broker gives a bonus. After all, he does not do charity. Although the company has this service – charity. But about this in one of the following articles. So, bonuses are nothing more than a payment for loyalty. Yes, no matter how trite it may sound, but it’s true. We register with the broker, open an account, trade, and do not go to another broker. Well, the broker, for our loyalty provides a good bonus as a gratitude. The company Larson&Holz divided the bonuses into several categories. This is a bonus for beginner traders. Bonuses for the passed training courses. Bonuses for each replenishment of the trading account. Bonuses that are awarded to regular customers of the company. And the bonuses credited to the deposit (in proportion to the free balance of the trading account).

Let’s start with bonuses for novice traders. This is the overwhelming majority of the company’s customers, we will start with them. The most significant bonus for beginning traders is a no-deposit trading account. Believe me, this is a whole system, and suddenly as a bonus. The essence of this bonus is that by opening a no-deposit trading account, a beginner trader receives from the company as much as $ 100. Agree, this bonus will not be offered by any broker. Let us return to the heart of the matter. Receiving the specified amount on a trading account, a novice trader can trade without fear of consequences. For him, the risk is zero, since it is not his money. Yes, and the company Larson&Holz in the lap does not remain. The received profit, the trader with a clear conscience keeps himself. This is his legal money. After 3 days, the company picks up its $ 100. If he loses these $ 100, nothing terrible will happen. Nobody will say a word. And what is important, in three days you can again open a no-deposit trading account, and continue what has been started. Agree, a good bonus from the company Larson&Holz.

The next bonus is for training. Having gone through paid courses, a beginner trader can count on the percentage of return as a bonus. This will help not only to save on training, but also to get additional money for trade. Let’s say the cost of training courses is one thousand dollars. Larson&Holz guarantees a return of 10% of their full value. Hence, the trader receives a hundred dollars back. Straight to the trading account. This gives an incentive to work. But the company put one condition. The training courses must be completed. Only in this case the company accrues this bonus. If the courses are considered unfinished, alas, the bonus is not accrued.

The next bonus is for replenishment of trading accounts. In fact, this type of bonus is not something new. He has every broker. But here is the bonus size, completely different. Someone gives 1% of the replenishment amount. Someone has fixed a fixed rate for the replenishment. The company Larson&Holz went the farthest, and set 10% of the replenishment amount. Let’s say that we added to the trading account for $ 1,000, which means that we received an extra $ 100 as a bonus. Replenished again for the same amount, again 100 dollars the company gave. These bonuses are a good help as an instrument to reduce trade risks. After trading the average volume, the bonus allows you not to risk additional funds. Less is the level of drawdowns, which means that positions are protected. The method of replenishing a trading account does not matter. The bonus will be credited in any case. And that is characteristic, the bonus allows you to reimburse commission fees.

The next type of bonus is the return of a percentage of the free balance of the trading account. The valid bonus is only on two types of accounts – Standart and Safe. For the other types of accounts, the bonus is not accrued. In fact, the bonus can be considered a source of the trader’s passive income. It is akin to a bank deposit. With the only difference is that 10% is in dollars, not in rubles. Under the standard scheme, it turns out 10 cents for one dollar. Approximately such a rate is obtained by statistics. The calculation is only the amount of the deposit, not involved in the trade at the time of charging. In principle, this is the free balance. Or free means, everyone can call it what they want. Or even a free margin. So it’s more understandable, because in the terminal you can at any time know the free margin. And based on the amount of margin make your own calculations. In any case, the percentage will be higher than the bank rate.

There is another kind of bonus. But it is intended for experienced traders who plan to participate in the ForexFamily program. For those who do not know, the program specializes in reducing spread spreadsheets. If a trader comes from another dealing center, he can apply for participation in this program. Each stage involves reducing the base value by 1-2 points. At the final stage, the value is 0.5 points. This is considered the minimum value, and allows you to get the maximum profit.

Arlen Lee

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