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February 24, 2020
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Regardless of niche, operations and other aspects like automation, businesses are managed and run by people. Conventionally, the HR department was responsible for acquiring talent, but the markets have changed, and the focus right now isn’t about hiring, but more about hiring the best people for each role. Today, marketing is more relevant for human resources than ever before, and terms like employer branding and talent retention are being discussed by experts around the world. So, should you spend on HR marketing? What can it mean for your company? Find the relevant details below.

Marketing HR is same as traditional marketing

Yes, you read that right. Marketing is usually associated with selling things, products, ideas and services to a targeted audience segment. Expectedly, the focus is on the final consumer, which can be a customer or a business, depending on the operations. In case of HR marketing, the strategies and approach change, but the focus remains the same – to attract people, except that we are now aiming at potential candidates. Studies have revealed that professionals and top talents want to work with “brands” that offer more than just a paycheck. Employees want to know what more they can get while working for a company, and that’s why HR marketing is more important and necessary than ever before.

Establishing an employer brand

For the uninitiated, employer branding is the process of selling your company as a potential employer and as the ‘best place to work’. HR marketing allows businesses to attract, engage and retain talent, focusing on all the core aspects. There are no secrets in human resource marketing. It is a comprehensive process that must have an objective and should be done keeping the company vision in mind. HR marketing also involves altering and managing brand perceptions, establishing effective means for internal communication and creating platforms to encourage employee involvement in the management process.

Over the years, marketing has become necessary to acquire and retain talent, and businesses are keen on exploring the same. This is not something that’s bound by the size or budget. In fact, smaller companies are more likely to gain from HR marketing, because they don’t have the big salaries to pay but can offer hope and scope for potential candidates by right use of marketing elements. You can check online and find more on how human resource marketing can work for your company, or else, just get an agency for the job.

Arlen Lee

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