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February 24, 2020
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Oftentimes, employers and their recruiting teams lay down a great deal of guidelines for potential candidates to abide by; in their search for the best talent, however, these regulating principles can too easily become an obstacle to the hiring process. Strict searches for candidates often inhibit some of the best talent from applying for any given position.

In this sense, it’s important to be a bit more open to the different kinds of talents that exist throughout the world, if you’re to find the perfect person to fill a position. Indeed, sometimes this means casting a wider net when it comes to the geography of your hunt for talent. This is to say, employers must absolutely acknowledge that candidates from out of town, or even province and country, could be their best bet for stimulating productivity within their company.

In the world of marketing, many professionals are, no doubt, eager to relocate for a position that suits them well or advances their career; in this sense, helping to accommodate someone coming in from far distances might be a necessary cost for the success of your business – you might find it useful, then, to work with a financial recruiter in order to effectively figure out the logistics of bringing talent from elsewhere into the space of your enterprise for a face-to-face interview. The following, then, outlines a few ways to attract top marketing talent from out of town, as well as limit the amount of restrictions one has during the hiring process.

Make It Clear That You Want Out-Of-Town Talent

Post this criterion in your ad for the job, lest your company seem inhospitable. If this isn’t emphasized, a lot of candidates will just assume that you’re only looking to hire locally.

Be Flexible

Too often do employers prioritize their own schedules over the well-being of others; this kind of attitude must be changed if you’re to draw in crowds of candidates from across the land. This can easily be done by offering flexible working hours, particularly if your new talent will be commuting from their current place of residence. As well, it’s useful to be able to offer a certain amount of days that can be spent working from home, although this is dependent upon the nature of the job itself. Remote positions are especially appealing if they constitute the crux of the job. If your company has the technology and other resources to work with someone on the other side of the world, this is a potentially game-changing prospect.

Put Yourself In The Potential Employee’s Shoes

It’s difficult to relocate one’s life to a new city, let alone a new country, for the sole purpose of working for a specific company. Not only is this stressful in terms of logistics, it is quite frightening for many people, and has the potential to change one’s life entirely – everything from familial and romantic relations, all the way to old friendships are jeopardized by such a move. It’s necessary, then, for companies to offer some kind of accommodations that can help during this process of readjustment, lest homesickness take hold of the transitional period.

With these tips in mind, not only will you be able to hire an array of extremely talented individuals, you’ll be able to change the ways by which your company operates entirely; indeed, diversifying talent by going beyond your own locality offers leeway and opportunity in places that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Arlen Lee

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