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January 23, 2020
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Business meetings are an essential component of running any business. When you are running a business, you need to know the basic components of the most common types of business meetings so that you can make sure each of these meetings turns into a productive event.

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Let’s take closer look at the most common types of business meetings and how you can make sure as a business owner that they turn into productive events.

Staff meetings

Staff meetings are the most common type of meeting that a business will have; staff meetings involve calling all or specific sets of staff together to discuss something relevant to the business. This discussion could cover news related to the business, updates to the business plan, discussing recent results of sale, or even issues related to problems in the workplace or updated employee manuals. Keep staff meetings on track by creating an agenda and following the agenda plan accordingly.

Team building meetings

Team building meetings are designed to help develop trust and engagement with specific employee teams. In order to keep team building meetings productive, make sure that every meeting has a specific goal that the people in the meeting must reach.

Data/information sharing meetings

Data and information sharing meetings are exclusively for sharing relevant data and information that is related to the business. Discussing recent sales reports or growth and decline charts, as well as discussing information from marketing campaigns are just a few of the more common topics that will be discussed at a data sharing meeting. As with staff meetings, these types of meetings are most productive when you create a meeting plan and stick to it.

Brainstorming/innovation meetings

Brainstorming or innovation meetings are designed to allow employees to create new ideas, find potential solutions to problems, and unleash their creative and group-minded side in a meeting that will hopefully result in some effective brainstorming. To keep these types of meetings productive, it’s best to have an end goal that the meeting can reach, such as wanting a new pitch for a marketing campaign or a solution to a current business issue.


There are many different types of employee meetings that business owners must manage in order for their business to be effective. Once you understand the different types of meetings, you will be able to arrange it so that each meeting is as productive—and distraction free—as possible. The more specific you can be with your meeting outlines and plans, along with any goals you want the meeting to achieve, the better; this will help everyone involved keep themselves to the task at hand and reach for the goal that you’ve arranged for the meeting.

Arlen Lee

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